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Dr. Nilesh R Bhayekar

Radiology (M.B.B.S, D.N.B )


The head of Radiology, Dr. Nilesh R Bhayerkar has been in medicine since 1993. Having trained and taken his MD in the American Seychelles, his exemplary career followed an international route to come to Nanded, where he joined the Nirmal Neurocare team of world class doctors and staff.

Dr. Nilesh specialises in CT and MRI imaging, and has followed the course of those types of imaging in his career. He has consulted, assisted and run Radiology departments throughout the country, and been certified in all Radiological areas.

As a member of an elite team of doctors, Dr. Nilesh has worked on hundreds of cases, and been involved in the treatment and diagnosis of complex disorders and injuries. His studies have lead to well-known research in the area of female pelvic masses, utilising MRI, CT and USG imaging methods.

Today, he is a distinguished member of the outstanding doctors and staff, at Nirmal Neurocare Hospital, handling the hundreds of images needed yearly. Fulfilling a leadership role, within his discipline Dr Nilesh works with his expert staff to reveal complex disorders and injuries everyday.