Nirmal Neurocare Health

The Best Doctor Gives the Least Medicines

Dr. Yashwant Kanoji Patil

M.B.B.S., D.O.M.S., M.S

Extensive Background

  • Maharashtra Health Service – 31 Years
  • Medical Officers and ARMO – 10 Years
  • RMO (Sir JJ Hospital) – 8 Years
  • Medical Superintendent (District Hospital) – 10 Years
  • District Hospital WASHIM – 3 Years


Dr. Patil has been working in medicine for more than 30 years, with a long and distinguished history including government service and private administration at the Nirmal NeuroCare center in Nanded.

Dr. Patil has more than 8 years in hospitals, as a director, or administrator, after his extensive 31 year experience in administration as a Medical Superintendent at hospitals all throughout the country. He has administered to staff and patients at hospitals and medical settings most of his life.

As a Civil Surgeon he has studied and worked in management and supervision at the best universities in the country, while maintaining the staffing and personnel issues at large medical facilities.

His presence at Nirmal NeuroCare Center and Multispecialty Center, have been indicative of his great patience and medical ability, brought to Nanded at the centers inception. With a steady and firm hand, through unfailing caring and empathy, Dr. Patil is a director of great depth and ability, bringing to Nirmal NeuroCare the best of medicine’s administrators.